Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earth Day with WREN

Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day! 
The first Earth Day was celebrated 47 years ago in 1970. Did you know recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch 3 hours of TV? ...And it takes less energy to recycle aluminum cans than to manufacture new ones! On average, people toss out about 4 pounds of garbage every day. If all newspapers were recycled, it would save one quarter of a billion trees EVERY year! What are you doing this Earth Day to support our beautiful planet?  

Looking for something to do? 

Dig down to learn the deep history of the West Eugene Wetlands through an exploration of its soil! What does Crater Lake have to do with the West Eugene Wetlands? Why does our soil contain so much clay? We will answer these questions and more at WREN’s special Earth Day Soils Program. From the Missoula Floods to the eruption of Mt. Mazama, this presentation will span over 10,000 years of geologic history. Led by geomorphologist Karin Baitis, the program will cover geologic research methods and tools, what geologic knowledge can do for land conservation, identifying wetland soil features, and will include a field trip into the wetlands. Please come prepared for the weather with boots that can get dirty! We will break midday, please bring a sack lunch. This program is recommended for adults

This free event has limited space, please contact WREN to reserve your spot at info@wewetlands.org or 541-338-7047

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