Friday, March 27, 2020

A Spring of Some Significance

This Spring has been a season of historical significance in more ways than one.  With local, governmental authorities asking citizens to distance themselves socially, school children on an extended leave from school, and many others in isolation, we are challenged to rethink how we can continue grow and be involved in our community. We also recently experienced the earliest first day of Spring in 124 years. At the equinox, where the hours of daylight are equal to that of the hours of dark, nature reminds us that it's cyclical rhythms will continue to turn and to pass even in evolutionary challenging times. We are also entering into a period of increasing light where the days are becoming longer than the nights. In the spirit of all that is happening, I am excited to share a plethora of resources to keep you engaged in hope  that you remain happy, healthy, and in good spirit.

Warm Regards,

Laura Maloney
WREN Program Coordinator

FREE Self-Guided Activities and Resources

Self-guided Bike Tour of the West Eugene Wetlands:
In celebration of Spring time and in the spirit of health and modified community involvement, I mapped out a bicycle adventure through the West Eugene Wetlands and captured some signs of Spring for you and your families to enjoy. CLICK HERE to access the 12-mile, self-guided, interpretive bicycle tour. I hope that you enjoy the adventure as much as I did!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt:
Spend an afternoon outdoors exploring the sites, sounds, and smells of nature in this Sensory Scavenger Hunt friendly for younger children and families. 

Dragonfly Learning Activities:
Dragonflies are engineering marvels! Learn about the dragonfly life-cycle, dragonfly flight, and design your own dragonfly in these learning activities suitable for upper Elementary and Middle School students. Bonus dragonfly mask craft! You can access the learning materials, craft templates and activity instructions HERE