Monday, April 30, 2007

Creek clean up!

On Saturday over 60 people spent their morning cleaning up the Amazon Creek between Beltline and Checkermallow. Organized by WREN and Stream Team, it was quite a day! 2 truck loads of trash were collected, including a TV, many tires, a 5 gallon bucket of lubricant, and a pipe bomb!
Isn't it ironic...

Several damselflies (forktails) were spotted! They weren’t the only colorful finds… over 30 blue and yellow balloons were found in and around the creek near the Wetlands Project office. Hmmm…where could those have come from?
Enjoying some much-deserved burritos....

Thanks to all who were there – your efforts are greatly appreciated! Hope to see you out here again!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crest Drive Elementary 4th & 5th graders

This morning the rain held off and we were able to see lots in the wetlands on our field trip. Here’s some of what we saw…

Red winged blackbirds
Western meadowlark
American kestrel
Mallards (a female with ducklings!)
Geese – Canada & Cackling
White crowned sparrow
Common yellow throat warbler was heard
Yellow legs (one)
Turkey vultures

Pond life:
Fishing spiders
Tadpoles (one of which had some legs!)
Water beetles
Water Boatmen
And lots more!
Rick found a damselfly that he got in a container for us to get a good look at!

Scot’s broom
Bradshaw's lomatium!
Oregon saxifrage

We also noticed shiny reddish/green poison oak leaves, as well as cow parsnip & Queen Anne’s lace growing – complete with spit bugs. There are galls on the willow leaves and lots of wooly bear caterpillars around!