Thursday, April 14, 2016

Early Earth Day Turtle Walk April 20th

WREN is pleased to invite you to join WREN and City of Eugene ecologist Lauri Holts for a special Early Earth Day Turtle Walk at Delta Ponds Park. Delta Ponds is a 150-acre waterway, which includes ponds, channels, wetlands, and riparian areas. Extensive restoration work re-connected a series of gravel pits to the Willamette River, resulting in the re-establishment of habitat for multiple species including Western pond turtle, river otter, and 155 bird species. We will look for sunning Western pond turtles as well as the invading Red-eared slider and will discuss the City’s extensive habitat restoration work at this urban natural area.
Space is limited to 15 participants.
Please reserve your place by calling (541) 338-7047

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