Friday, August 17, 2007

Otters abound!

So, you've been getting out there and seeing otters. As our friend Elvira would say, nice work people! The group of 6 river otters has been seen multiple times out in the Amazon creek just south of the tracks both in the morning and around noon. Other recent happenings include new turtle logs being placed in the Amazon creek. These are basking structures created by us humans for our Western Pond Turtle friends to sun themselves on. There will be some in the creek south of Checkermallow Access by next week. Check them out with the viewing scope that is installed on the bike path. There is also a new turtle log near by the WREN educational yurt, just west of Danebo in the creek. Other critters to watch for - shore birds are moving through our area again for their fall migration, and we'll be seeing neotropical migrants (warblers and swallows) around mid-September. Let us know what you've seen or ask questions about your sightings by leaving a comment or emailing us at!

1 comment:

elvira said...

YES! you guys are seeing otters!
YES! you are blogging about it!

thank you Jules!

missing you, the wetlands, and the critters!