Friday, March 21, 2008

Mail call

So what was in that mystery package our friend Elvira sent? No guesses? It was scat from a wetlands mammal, the beaver! Normally we don't see beaver scat because beavers poo in the water. Elvira was helping with a scientific study in a pond in Portland, and came across some beaver scat caught in the grass underwater. Wow! It looks like a ball of sawdust, doesn't it? That's because it kind of is a ball of sawdust. Beavers eat bark so they excrete (a fancy way of saying poo) the bark after digesting the nutrients from it.

1 comment:

elvira said...

yup, good ole beaver poo! I love it!
A naturalist I know up here carries some around in an old Sucrets container when he is giving a walk at Smith & Bybee. He tells people that he has a deal worked out with Mattel to market beaver poo as Barbie presto logs.