Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WREN’s Wetland Wander at Swallow Pond

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Explore the West Eugene Wetlands at our monthly Wetland Wander held this month along the Tsanchiifin Trail. WREN Wanders are casual walks through various West Eugene Wetlands sites each second Tuesday of every month. These exciting opportunities are FREE to the public and provide observation, education and inspiration in our surrounding natural spaces.  WREN staff and volunteers will guide this walk.

This month we'll have a special Lichen Wander with Lichenologist Daphne Stone, PhD.  

Participants are asked to meet Swallow Pond, at the corner of 7th and Bailey Hill Rd. Parking is available heading southbound on Bailey Hill Rd, or in the Lowe’s parking lot. Participants should bring water and wear muck boots. WREN will provide binoculars.

For more information call 541-338-7047 or email info@wewetlands.org


Monday, December 29, 2014

Engage, Educate, Empower!

Dear Wetlands Supporter,

Do you remember your first feelings of delight in the natural world?  Had you seen a red-tailed hawk or California condor circling above?  A swarm of pavement ants crossing the sidewalk?  An orb weaver spider’s elaborate web? The splendor of Dillon Falls on the Deschutes River? Golden chanterelle mushrooms emerging in clusters after a rainstorm?  For each of us there is a special moment when something in the natural world engages our attention and imagination.

Willamette Resources & Educational Network (WREN) seeks to help people of all ages recapture that feeling of delight, while at the same time teaching the chemistry, biology, and geology that come together to create that moment.  Our goal is to engender a lifelong love of learning in the members of our community, instilling a personal connection to the land and empowering you to make well-informed, science-based decisions about land stewardship.  WREN has directly touched the lives of nearly 50,000 Lane County residents since its inception, fourteen years ago. 

We need your help.  We are funded by a variety of sources, including governmental agencies and foundations.  However, those sources are insufficient to meet our budgetary needs and we rely on private donations from people like you, who care about the land and about education, to support our work.  Please consider contributing to WREN today – no amount is too small.  All donations are appreciated and put directly to work in our programs.

·         $25 pays for a new Field Guide to reptiles and amphibians
·         $50 buys a new pair of binoculars for WREN’s Family Exploration Day backpacks
·         $100 covers the cost of a school bus to bring one class to the West Eugene Wetlands for a field trip
·         $200 buys a digital camera to help document the changing wetlands wildlife
·         $500 covers the costs of WREN staff’s volunteer scheduling, preparation and presentation time, supplies and transportation costs for one full classroom presentation and field trip for one class, plus a school bus to transport the class and their teacher and chaperones to the West Eugene Wetlands
·         $500 also funds the development of a new environmental education curriculum, including field trip and classroom presentation

We also welcome and rely on volunteers – to lead or assist in leading educational sessions, develop curricula, design or perform citizen science programs, build out our website, or join or advise our Board of Directors. Your energy nurtures us!

We hope to see you in the wetlands soon.

Best Wishes for 2015,
Vicki Singer, President of the Board, Willamette Resources & Educational Network (WREN)