Monday, September 10, 2007

Sandpiper Pond Odonata

The dragonflies and damselflies were active today (Monday, Sept. 10, 2007) at Sandpiper Pond. The following species were out today:

Common Green Darner
Black Saddlebags
Eight-spotted Skimmer
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Flame Skimmer
Common Whitetail
Variegated Meadowhawk
Cardinal Meadowhawk
Striped Meadowhawk
Tule Bluet
Western Forktail
California Spreadwing
Spotted Spreadwing
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing

Dragonfly Yoga

Well, not really. When it is very hot as it was today, perching dragonflies will obelisk pointing their abdomen at the sun to reduce exposure to sunlight in order to stay cool.

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