Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Otters among us

River otters have been sighted again very recently out here in the West Eugene Wetlands. One of the WREN volunteers, Richard Hand, saw 5 river otters twice within the last two weeks! Once just south of the train tracks along the Amazon bike path, and then out by the bridge at Royal Ave. I saw 6! in the Amazon Creek just last Saturday, like Richard, south of the train tracks on the bike path. It is such a fun experience to watch these creatures in action. They are very social animals, meaning they are often found in a group. Some other quick ways to distinguish them from nutria at a distance are by their tails, their noses and their swimming patterns. Otters are quite graceful and playful, and will roll in the water as they swim. I have included a photo from Judy Berg to give you a mental picture of the critters to look for. So get out here, walk the wetlands and see if you can spot the otters, too. Good luck!

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